If you work in Precision Machining, then you know better than anyone that the skills gap is real, and that it’s growing.

  Part of the problem is perception. The skilled trades have been portrayed as dirty, low-wage and the option of last resort in the media and culture for a generation. Thankfully that perception is changing, due in large part to manufacturers like you reaching out to their local communities and showing the real story–that these jobs require the skill of an artist and the mind of an engineer to help make the products of tomorrow a reality today! But another issue has been the lack of effective training. Like it or not, the days of students being exposed to shop class are long gone. And the decreasing exposure to the trades had been matched by an increased amount of local, state and federal regulations, making a formal, certified training program a tough task for small businesses that are trying to focus on the bottom line. Seeing this ever-increasing need, the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) worked with nationally recognized training programs to develop MFG, or Manufacturing for Future Generations. MFG is designed to bring reliable, proven and recognized training to member companies large and small, so that you can screen, evaluate and train candidates in the best way possible and in an online format that they are familiar and comfortable with. Useable for new hires, or current employees, MFG will allow you to streamline your training, and focus on advancing your business. The proven three-step process gives you feedback along the way, so that you can make sure that what’s being trained is being understood, while allowing you to incorporate hands-on lessons to reinforce the training. So revolutionize your training, improve employee retention, encourage continuous improvement and advance your shop in the industry. Enroll in MFG today!