Employee Screening Testing

This course offers a Mechanical Aptitude Test as well as Safety Training, allowing you to pre-screen potential new employees on critical thinking, ability to learn and basic awareness and potential to succeed in the field.

Safety Training

This course covers basic shop safety practices, drill press safety, machine guarding, Lock-Out/Tag-Out, MSDS-SDS comprehension, hazard communication standards, OSHA Fact Sheets, safe lifting, basic first aid and blood borne pathogen awareness.

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Mechanical Aptitude Test

Designed to assess the candidate’s basic understanding of basic mechanical principles, along with their application in everyday shop situations, the Mechanical Aptitude Test is broken into four sections: 1) Mechanical and Spatial Relations 2) Mechanical Reasoning 3) Applied Mathematics 4) Theoretical Reasoning

Each section consists of 20-25 questions, and should take students 20-25 minutes to complete.

Please Note – The entire test must be completed in one sitting. 

We also recommend the test be taken at the employer’s location if possible.

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